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Jappanese Sushi Restaurant
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Main Menu

Item Name Price

*Hamachi Sashimi Salad


*Salmon Sashimi Salad


*Tuna Sashimi Salad


*Spicy Seafood Salad


Crazy Soft Shell Crab

Spicy Lightly Spiced with Jalapeno

Salt & Pepper Wings with Jalapeno


Spicy Edamame


Spicy Seafood Mixo Soup


Thai Ribs


Thai Wings


A01. Naruto

Crab stick, avocado and tobiko, wrapped with cucumber served with vinegar sauce and spicy mayo

A02. *Fresh Salmon Tata

Chopped salmon with apple, onion and black caviar on top, served with Yuzu-soy sauce and grape seed oil

A03. *Tuna Tataki

Pan seared and served with chef special chili sauce

A04. *White Tuna Carpaccio

Light torch sear super white tuna with cucumber, dry seaweed, red onion dress on light ponzu sauce

A05. *Sashimi Appetizer

Assorted filets of raw fish

A06. *Yellowtail Serrano

Torch thinly sliced yellowtail dressed with jalapeno pepper, served with ponzu sauce and touch of sriracha sauce

A07. *Kappa Treasure

Yellow fine tuna, red caviar and scallion, stuffed in cucumber

A08. *Sushi Pizza

Seaweed tempura with avocado, fresh salmon sashimi, yellow fin tuna sashimi, tomato, mayo and olives

A09. *Tri Color Sashimi Rolls

2 pcs white tuna, 2 pcs tuna, 2pcs salmon wrapped with mango, baby sprout, shiso with dipping sauce

Agedashi Tofu

with Light Sweet Ginger Sauce

Aloe Drink


Avocado Salad

Avocado, cucumber, crab meat, mayo sauce

BBQ Squid

With Onion, service with Teriyaki Sauce

Beef Dumpling Soup


Cherry Stone Clam Soup

Mushroom, clam on shell in light ginger broth

Chicken Dumpling Soup


Crab Rangoon (6)

Natural Crabmeat mixed with Cream Cheese

E01. Unaju Don

Broiled eel over rice

E02. *Tekka Don

Tuna sashimi over rice

E03. *Fancy Sake Don

Salmon sashimi, grilled salmon, salmon roe over rice

E04. *Chirashi

Assorted fresh fish over bed of rice

E05. *Salmon Combo

Spicy salmon (6), salmon roll (6), salmon handrail (1)

E06. *Tuna Combo

Spicy tuna (6), tuna roll (6), tuna handroll (1)

E07. *Spicy Combo

Spicy tuna (6), spicy yellowtail (6), spicy salmon (6)

E08. Vegetarian Maki Combo

Grilled vegetable rolls (6), Idaho maki (6), Cucumber roll (6)

E09. *Sushi Regular (12 pcs)

Chefs choice of 6pcs sushi plus tuna roll (6)

E10. *Sushi Deluxe (16 pcs)

Chefs choice of 10 pcs sushi plus California roll (6)

E11. *Sashimi Dexlue (16 pcs)

Chefs choice of raw fish fillets

E12. *Maki Deluxe

Spicy tuna (6), O Ginger Roll (5), Yellowtail scallion

E13. *Sushi and Sashimi Combo

5 pcs sushi, 9 pcs sashimi, tekka maki (6)

Free-- Egg Roll

Free-- Chicken Fried Rice(Sm)

Free-- General Tso Chicken


Free-- Pork Fried Rice(Sm)

Free-- Shrimp Egg Rolls (1)


Free--Beef Lo Mein


Free--Chicken Lo Mein

Free--Pork Lo Mein

Free--Shrimp Lo Mein

Free--Spicy Tuna Roll

Free--Vegetable Fried Rice(Sm)

Fresh Spring Roll

Rice Paper filled with Shrimp, Rice Noodle, Crab Stick, Basil, and Lettuce

Fried Calamari

with Salt & Pepper

Fried Gyoza Beef


Fried Gyoza Chicken


Fried Pork Spring Roll


Fried Vegetable Spring Roll


Fried Veggie Gyoza


Fried Yakitori

Chicken with Homemade Sauce

G01. Vegetable with Tofu Teriyaki


G02. Chicken Beast Teriyaki


G03. Salt and pepper Salmon Teriyaki


G04. Atlantic Salmon Fillet Teriyaki


G05. Sirloin Steak Teriyaki


Green Tea


Grilled Hamachi Karma

Grilled Yellow Tail collar

H01. Crispy Duck Breast

With chef special sweet chili and mango salsa

H02. Chilean Sea Bass

Pan seared with clam, tomato and basil in sake wine sauce

H03. Miso Salmon

Fresh salmon marinated in miso and baked with sweet miso sauce

H04. Cripsy Red Snapper

Lightly battered and deep fried with delicious sauce, served with vegetables

H05. Beef Don

Beef oriental sauteed with onion and rice

H06. General Gao's Chicken


H07. Summer Shrimp

With white creamy pineapple sauce

H08. Ginger and Scallion Soft Shell Crab


House Salad


Jasmine Tea


Kara Age

Boneless Fried Chicken

Khaki Fried Oyster (5)


Lemon Tea


Longan Tea


M01. *Mexican Roll

Spicy tuna, avocado wrapped with tabasco sauce, scallion and masago on top

M02. *Ocean Maki

Soybean sheet and salmon sashimi wrapped tuna avocado and honey wasabi sauce, crunch

M03. *Hawaii Maki

Spicy. Spicy tuna wrapped with avocado, masago and mango in rice nori

M04. *Fire Maki

Spicy. Shrimp tempura and cucumber covered with spicy tuna on top, eel sauce and spicy mayo

M05. *Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll

Spicy. Fresh raw yellow fin tuna seasoned with avocado, spicy mayo wrapped in nori and fried tempura style served with eel sauce and spicy mayo

M06. Snow Mountain Maki

Real crab meat mixed light mayo sauce with shrimp tempura and avocado served with coconut flakes and eel sauce on top

M07. *Maine Lobster Roll

Spicy. Fresh lobster baked with spicy mayo over California maki with masago on top

M08. Garden Roll

Enoki mushroom asparagus, cucumber, tomato, avocado on top, served with sweet and sour sauce

M09. *Cowboy Maki

Asparagus tempura and enoki mushroom, onion covered with torch sirlon steak and avocado. A light tough of special sesame sauce

M10. *Eastern Maki

Spicy. Tuna and salmon rolled with fresh green and tobiko in rice nori with spicy mayo sauce

M11. *Christmas Maki

Shrimp tempura rolled covered with tuna, avocado and tempura flakes with mayo and eel sauce

M12. *Flamingo Maki

Crab meat tempura with cream cheese, grilled eel and mano, covered with white tuna and kiwi, tobiko miso sauce

M13. *Double Match Maki

Sweet potato tempura, fresh pineapple covered with torched salmon and shredded sweet potato, served with wasabi mayo sauce.

M14. *Yellow Somerville Roll

Spicy. Spicy tuna, avocado, sweet mango wrapped in soy bean shet, pan fried with honey wasabi sauce

M15. *Special Protein Roll

Spicy crabmeat with avocado and cucumber, topped with yellow fin tuna and salmon, served with Japanese wasabi, yummy dressing

M16. *Kiss the Fire

Spicy. Spicy salmon roll jalapeno pepper, topped with white tuna and yellow fin tuna

M17. *B52 Roll

An outrageous combo of yellowtail, crabstick, avocado, scallions and flying fish roe in a double layer.

M18. *Patriots Maki

Spicy. Fried sweet potato, avocado, scallions covered by salmon and miso sauce torch, topped with black flying fish roe

M19. Ebi Mango Maki

Spicy. Cooked shrimp, mango tempura crumb with house special spicy sauce, rolled with mango on the top

M20. *Volcano Maki

Spicy. Baked scallop crabstick, flying fish roe, enoki and shiitake mushroom mix with mayo on a spicy tuna maki

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