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Signature Maki

Item Name Price

M01. *Mexican Roll

Spicy tuna, avocado wrapped with tabasco sauce, scallion and masago on top

M02. *Ocean Maki

Soybean sheet and salmon sashimi wrapped tuna avocado and honey wasabi sauce, crunch

M03. *Hawaii Maki

Spicy. Spicy tuna wrapped with avocado, masago and mango in rice nori

M04. *Red Gragon Roll

Spicy. Shrimp tempura and cucumber covered with spicy tuna on top, eel sauce and spicy mayo

M05. *Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll

Spicy. Fresh raw yellow fin tuna seasoned with avocado, spicy mayo wrapped in nori and fried tempura style served with eel sauce and spicy mayo

M06. *Sirloin Steak Tempura Maki

Crispy Staek w.Cream cheese & Avocado

M07. *Sunset Maki

Spicy tuna, avocado inside touch salmon on top cover with tobiko and scallion

M08. Garden Roll

Enoki mushroom asparagus, cucumber, tomato, avocado on top, served with sweet and sour sauce

M09. *Cowboy Maki

Asparagus tempura and enoki mushroom, onion covered with torch sirlon steak and avocado. A light tough of special sesame sauce

M10. *Eastern Maki

Spicy. Tuna and salmon rolled with fresh green and tobiko in rice nori with spicy mayo sauce

M11. *Christmas Maki

Shrimp tempura rolled covered with tuna, avocado and tempura flakes with mayo and eel sauce

M12. *Flamingo Maki

Crab meat tempura with cream cheese, grilled eel and mano, covered with white tuna and kiwi, tobiko miso sauce

M13. *Double Match Maki

Sweet potato tempura, fresh pineapple covered with torched salmon and shredded sweet potato, served with wasabi mayo sauce.

M14. *Yellow Somerville Roll

Spicy. Spicy tuna, avocado, sweet mango wrapped in soy bean shet, pan fried with honey wasabi sauce

M15. *High Protein Roll

Spicy crabmeat with avocado and cucumber, topped with yellow fin tuna and salmon, served with Japanese wasabi, yummy dressing

M16. *Kiss the Fire

Spicy. Spicy salmon roll jalapeno pepper, topped with white tuna and yellow fin tuna

M17. *B52 Roll

An outrageous combo of yellowtail, crabstick, avocado, scallions and flying fish roe in a double layer.

M18. *Patriots Maki

Spicy. Fried sweet potato, avocado, scallions covered by salmon and miso sauce torch, topped with black flying fish roe

M19. Ebi Mango Maki

Spicy. Cooked shrimp, mango tempura crumb with house special spicy sauce, rolled with mango on the top

M20. *Volcano Maki

Spicy. Baked scallop crabstick, flying fish roe, enoki and shiitake mushroom mix with mayo on a spicy tuna maki

M21. *Boston Uncommon

Special Soy Bean Sheet, Inside Super Escolar(White Tuna), With Tropical Mango, Avocado Topped With Our Chefs Special Homemade Sauce & Tender Lobster...

M22. *Spicy Titanic Maki

Spicy. Spicy tuna with asparagus, topped with toro and tropical mango

M23. *Golden Maki (Deep Fried)

Crispy salmon w. avocado & crabmeat inside, a hint of unagi sauce and topped w. spicy mayo

M24. *Red Sox

Instead of seaweed nori, we use special soy bean sheet, stuffed w.spicy tuna, ginger, avocado, shrimp and tobiko, served w. spicy mayo

M25. *Phoenix Maki

Special crabmeat roll topped w. seared salmon w. our special chefs sauce

M26. *Elyse Special Maki

Spicy cooked scallops and king crabmeat roll topped w. seared yellowtail & a hint of our chef's special sauce

M27. *Mick's Specail Maki

Eel, crabmeat, cucumber & pan saered salmon topped w. eel sauce

M28. *Godzilla Maki

King crabmeat, avocado inside, eel on top w. different caviar

M29. *Davis Square Maki

Spicy yellowtail maki w. salmon & tuna on the top w. chef's special sauce & soy paper

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